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When one door closes, another one opens

beer in glass with White Elephant Logo

When one door closes, another one opens. For us, that meant White Elephant brewery was open when our target brewery was closed.


White Elephant Brewery, established in 2016, is a cozy brewery located in Mount Airy, NC. It’s easy to while away a couple hours in this spot tucked up on the couch. An oasis out of a rainy summer day.

As fellow beer-drinkers meander past, the floor flexes and creaks in that comforting old building way. Yet the smell of freshness from new paint, the glass store front, and the bright paintings on walls all contribute to a trendy new-place feel. The jovial banter of the locals makes you feel like you are a local yourself. “Hey, did you hear what he is paying for rent over there?” “What do you suppose they are loading into that truck right now?”

The beer selection was limited to four choices during our visit. A worker apologized and indicated that would be changing soon. They received some new tanks that would be installed in their 4000+ square foot basement so they could expand their selection.

Even so, we had no problem enjoying the Pour-Eo Oreo Milk Porter and Am-I-Real-Tho (American Pale Ale). The porter did taste like oreo cookies.


Art hanging on a wall, table and chairs below
Art on the wall at White Elephant Brewery

We asked about the paintings hanging on the wall. There was a small sign indicating they were painted by a non-verbal autistic boy. Those paintings are abstract yet striking. Abstract art doesn’t usually speak to me but a few of the paintings were visually stunning. See for some of the available paintings.

A staff member said that half the paintings were from the child. he other half were from another artist who dropped off the paintings with the intent of beer-drinkers buying the art. Yet, that artist left no pricing information and no contact information for herself. We all had a good laugh about how that marketing was going for her.

If you are looking to try some exceptionally well-crafted beer, stop by White Elephant Brewing Company and be treated like a local.

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