Life In the Big Green Jolly

Embrace local. Explore often.

Embrace Local. Explore Often.

Embrace Local. Explore Often.

This is our philosophy as we pursue our travel goals.

What does “Embrace Local” look like in our travels? It means eating at the mom-and-pop restaurants, finding the hike in the lesser known park, and focusing our travels to include the off-the-beaten path fun. We want to experience the “top ten of X” as most travelers do but we are also eager for the memories of a place outside the tourist funnel.

And “Explore Often”? That prompts us to not wait until “someday”. Wherever we are – home base, traveling for work, or visiting family – we dig into the area to find the little “wow” moments of the location.

While we aren’t living van life exclusively, we do find that traveling in the big green jolly does shift our minds to stopping along the way to “Embrace Local . Explore Often”.

How about exploring with us on the Big Green Jolly travels?

What kind of adventure do you want?

Are you looking for adventure in a certain location?

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