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Private camping

stone sign for Veteran's Memorial Park, Mount Airy, NC

“I don’t know… this doesn’t look right.  No one else is here”, I mumbled as we cruised through Veteran’s Memorial Park in Mount Airy, NC.

 Peering through the rain and the dusky gloom, we tried to figure out how exactly we get to the camping area. I took a deep breath and reminded myself…van life requires a new attitude including fake confidence until you get real confidence.  

With that, we did another lap and found the official pay-station for campers. Dropping our $10 in the pay slot, we then found our no-frills camping spot (no hookups).

Tank at Veterans Memorial Park
Veteran’s Memorial Park

Looking around , we realized there was only one other camper in the whole campground. 

Yahoo… it’s almost like our own private campground!

As usual, I message my sister letting her know where are in case we go missing.  Her response, as I describe the place, is “I call first dibs on your belongings”.  

All jokes aside, the campground is perfect for our needs.  The campground has flush toilets and showers. While nothing fancy about either, they were functional and a steal for the low price we paid.  

The park serves as both a place of recreation and a memorial to all who have served in any war or conflict. 

Every June the ‘Blue Grass & Old-Time Fiddlers Convention’ is hosted on-site.   

If you are looking for a flop-and-drop camping spot located close to downtown Mt Airy, check out Veterans Memorial Park campground.

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