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Embrace local. Explore often.

Embrace local.  Explore often.

Monteverde Frog Pond

Want to see and hear a variety of Costa Rican frogs and toads without traipsing through the jungle?

Then visit the Monteverde Frog Pond (Frog Pond Ranario) located on the south end of the town of Santa Elena, Costa Rica.

Red-eyed tree frog underbelly climbing a window at Monteverde Frog Pond
See the Red-eyed tree frog at the Monteverde Frog Pond

Tickets are about $20/person. You can visit twice on the same entry fee. This allows you to visit during the day and then again in the evening to see and hear the difference in the frogs and toads. Ask the staff the best time to visit to hear both types of frogs and toads.

The self-guided tour and the guided tour are the same cost.  

Take the 1-hour guided tour – the guides are excellent at spotting the frogs and toads.

And the tidbits the guides can share…did you know that some species of frogs eat baby chickens? They will even point out the non-caged reptiles that come to visit.

The check-in staff will hand you a flashlight to use during your tour. If you are feeling lucky, head into the exhibit before your guided tour and see how many toads or frogs you can spot on your own. My success rate was low…the frogs had a 75% chance of hiding from me.

Each exhibit has educational signs indicating what frog/toad is in the glass case, what their territory range is, their general adult size, and whether they are during the day or the evening.

Occasionally, close your eyes and lose yourself in the chorus of chirps and peeps.

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Map of location of Santa Elena Costa Rica