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Embrace local. Explore often.

Embrace local.  Explore often.

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Experience Monteverde

blue striped hummingbird

“¿Hablas español?” the van driver inquired on our way to the Monteverde area of Costa Rica:  Do you speak Spanish? “No.  Lo siento.  Muy poco”, I replied: No. I’m sorry. Very little. “Ah, I am the one that is sorry”,… Continue Reading…

Visit Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

Blue dragonfly sitting on leaf at Santa Elena Cloud Forest

Trying to decide which cloud forest to visit in the Monteverde area of Costa Rica? Read on for why I recommend the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve.

Night Walk in Monteverde

Red eyed tree frog

The fastest way to learn all the ways a rain forest is out-to-get naive tourists? Take a guided night walk in the Monteverde area during your visit to Costa Rica.

Bird-watching at Curi-Cancha Reserve

Three-wattled bellbird sitting in a tree

“Where are you? Come on…”, David mutters as he spins in circles. “I hear you. WHERE are you?!” With a low whoop, our guide plants his spotting scope to point at the three-wattled bellbird and waves us over. “Look quickly… Continue Reading…

Monteverde Frog Pond

Want to see and hear a variety of Costa Rican frogs and toads without traipsing through the jungle?

The Bat Jungle

bats hanging at the Bat Jungle

Bats. Bats. And more bats. That is the magic of the Bat Jungle in Santa Elena, Costa Rica.