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Grand Adventure Roadtrip – Day 8

Coffee makes everything better.

The adventure – roadtrip from the East Coast to the Grand Canyon and back.

The goals:

  • Bicycle in every state we drive through.
  • Visit as many national parks as we can.
  • Celebrate the wins… a roadtrip isn’t a roadtrip without some ‘misses’.

Today’s lesson

Adventures requires flexibility and patience.

Grand Canyon hiking plan has twisted several times now. Some of the turns include:

  • Higher than expected temps
  • Pipeline break. The ‘gift’ of water in the backcountry has been taken away.
  • Phantom Ranch is now closed. So much for someone else cooking my meal. Oh wait… that means no beer at the bottom either!
  • Flight delays. Some hikers arriving 12 hours late, if at all.
  • What other twists do you think we might encounter?

Today’s win

Finding Matador Coffee Roasting Company in Flagstaff Arizona.

As we wait for delayed flights, we can get free refills on our coffee. All day long.