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Grand Adventure Roadtrip – Day 5

Red Rock from below in Palo Duro Canyon State Park

The adventure – roadtrip from the East Coast to the Grand Canyon and back.

The goals:

  • Bicycle in every state we drive through.
  • Visit as many national parks as we can.
  • Celebrate the wins… a roadtrip isn’t a roadtrip without some ‘misses’.

Today’s lesson

A dead locust sticks in the van windshield wiper.  Another bug is attempting to feast on it.

Disturbed, I get out of the van to flick the windshield to release the locust. 

The hungry bug, a hornet or a wasp, attacks me for disturbing his meal.

Yelping, I dive into the van to hear the passenger mumble “That wasn’t a good idea at all”. 

Uh, Dad… the fatherly wisdom is most useful BEFORE I do the stupid thing.

Today’s win

Exploring “the Grand Canyon of Texas”.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park was a big old WOW.

Miles and miles of trails to explore.

Rocks of all colors…reds, whites, greenish.