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Embrace local. Explore often.

If you can’t bike it, then hike it.

We have been hiking for over twenty years. And we happen to think the best way to experience a location is by bike or by feet.

Are you ready to create some travel hiking memories? Then lace up your hiking boots and join in!

Hiking Resources

Need some tips and tricks about hiking? Then check out these resources.

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Our favorite hiking trails

We aren’t hiking snobs. Backpacking trip, day hike, walk through the woods?

As long as our feet are moving forward in our hiking boots, we’ll take it!

Some of our favorite hikes are:

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USA hike suggestions

Our home country is the USA. So many of our suggestions are based on that. Click a state on the map below for inspiration.

For inspiration outside the USA, check out these hikes.

Hiking outside USA

Check out these for hiking suggestion outside the USA.

Our latest hiking blog posts

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