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Grand Adventure Roadtrip – Day 3

The adventure – roadtrip from the East Coast to the Grand Canyon and back.

The goals:

  • Bicycle in every state we drive through.
  • Visit as many national parks as we can.
  • Celebrate the wins… a roadtrip isn’t a roadtrip without some ‘misses’.

Today’s lesson

Gripping the steering wheel tighter doesn’t actually help driving during a storm.

It just makes your fingers ache later.

Secondary lesson. Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t want you to bike today.

Today’s win

Two wins at the St. Louis Arch in Missouri.

First – stopping and paying for the ‘extras’. We were almost tempted to take a picture as we drove by. Paying for the tram ride to the top and the documentary film was beyond worth it.

Second – visiting on a week day (and a rainy forecast day to boot). No waiting in lines and no fighting for viewing spots at the top.