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Best Caverns and Caves in the USA

Longhorn Cavern cave formation

Who can resist exploring the underground?

Not us. We might have “cavern fever”. A totally made-up phrase used to describe our fascination with caves and caverns.

If you are looking to explore some of the best caverns and caves in the USA, then check out our favorites!

Kartchner Caverns

  • Location: Benson, Arizona
  • Fun fact: At Kartchner Caverns, you can watch it grow with every drip. It’s the most ‘active’ cavern we have visited.

Longhorn Cavern

Queens guarddog in Longhorn Cavern State Park
Queen’s guard dog at Longhorn Cavern
  • Location: Burnet, Texas
  • Fun fact: Human history is the focus of Longhorn Cavern. It was once used as underground night club!

Mammoth Cave National Park

  • Location: Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
  • Fun fact: 400-miles of Mammoth Cave have been mapped making it the longest known cave in the world. This means you have lots of tour options to choose from and hope your tour guide doesn’t get lost!

We are always on the hunt for a new cavern or cave to explore. Tell us your favorites!