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Embrace local. Explore often.

Embrace local.  Explore often.

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Bird-watching at Curi-Cancha Reserve

Three-wattled bellbird sitting in a tree

“Where are you? Come on…”, David mutters as he spins in circles. “I hear you. WHERE are you?!” With a low whoop, our guide plants his spotting scope to point at the three-wattled bellbird and waves us over. “Look quickly… Continue Reading…

A guide to viewing the Sandhill Crane Migration

Group of sandhill cranes standing in Platte River

Come for the Sandhill Crane Migration. Stay for the Midwestern hospitality in Kearney, Nebraska.

Purple Martins Migration

Sunset over Lake Murray

“Keep your mouth closed!” Heeding the advice from the captain, I crane my neck to gaze at the mass of purple martins swirling and diving above me.  The boat is anchored near Bomb Island in Lake Murray, South Carolina. This… Continue Reading…