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Embrace local. Explore often.

Embrace local.  Explore often.

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Troy Spring State Park

Looking down at Troy Spring

A 70-foot deep spring? Turtles, fish and the possibility of an alligator? The remains of a steamboat from the 1800s?   Sign us up for Troy Spring State Park!

Madison Blue Spring State Park

blue spring

Meh. Shrug. Madison Blue Spring isn’t what we pictured. That was our initial impression on our first ever visit to a Florida spring.   It is a hole with some water in it and it seems sort of crowded. There are tubers,… Continue Reading…

Your guide to Mammoth Cave National Park

Formations in cave

Mammoth Cave National Park.  A park that offers above and below ground fun! Want to explore a huge cave where you can still bump your head?  Check. Want to add in some biking or hiking?  Check. Have a need to… Continue Reading…

Kartchner Caverns – a living cave in Arizona

View from Kartchner Caverns State Park

Visiting Tucson, Arizona?  Then add a stop at Kartchner Caverns State Park to your day-trip itinerary. Located about an hour’s drive southeast of Tucson, the Arizona state park is an easy add-on to a southeastern Arizona trip.  Family-friendly cave tours are… Continue Reading…

A hiker’s paradise – Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Mountain range with blue sky and puffy clouds above

A hiker’s paradise. A wilderness park. The park you have to want to go to. If any of those phrases make your ears perk up, then add Guadalupe Mountains National Park to your ‘must hike’ list.

Visiting the St Louis Arch

West view from top of St Louis Arch - old courthouse and downtown

WOW!  Whoa! Cool! These words tumbled out of every grinning visitor as they spilled out of the tram pods and into the viewing area at the top of the St Louis Arch.  Even the lady who said she suffered from severe… Continue Reading…